Jazz and other styles

Eric Johnson's chord lesson-Spread Triads-Volume 1 - Full Score

Eric Johnson's chord lesson-Examples-Volume 1 - Full Score

Eric Johnson Chord lesson -Volume 1-Examples 2-spread triads - Full Score

Eric Johnson chord lesson-Volume 2-tensions-spread triads - Full Score

Eric Johnson chord lesson-Volume 3-Eric's own ideas - Full Score

John Abercrombie-Stella by Starlight walking bass line - Full Sc

Blues compings-Riffing-TABs - Full Score

Crossroads-Blues comping - Full Score

Jazz chord-melodies
Jazz chord-melodies 1

All of Me

All of You

All the thing you are


Beautiful love

Jazz chord-melodies 2

Body and Soul

Freddie Freeloader

Have you met miss Jones

How insensitive


Jazz chord-melodies 3

Night and Day


Someday my prince will come

Stella by Starlight

Tenor Madness

Guitar skills

Changing power chords into Major and Minor qualities - Full Score

Power Chords - Full Score

Basic Walking Bass line accompaniment - Full Score

Basic Walking Bass line-Quarter notes - Full Score

Walking Bass line - Arpeggios+Chromatic notes - Full Score

Walking Bass line-scallar motion - Full Score

7th Chords

Major Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic Subtitution

Voicings in 4ths - C Major scale

Voicings in 4ths-C Melodic Minor Harmony voiced in 4ths

Harmony classes

Subdominant Minor-SDM - Full Score

Transposing for guitarists - Full Score

Minor keys and their scales - Full Score

Harmony-Major Scale and Relative Modes

Secondary Dominant 7th Chords

Arranging classes

Drop voicings

Four-part close voicings